Hyde Park Photo Studio

Shane Lawrence photography opened a local Hyde Park Photo Studio space in October 2023. Shane has been a professional photographer for over two decades.

The studio space offers a lovely indoor space for various portrait sessions.

There is ample space for two or three set ups to allow for portrait variety.

Some of the more common photo studio sessions include:

Senior Portraits – These can be a mix of outdoor and indoor studio sessions to capture this milestone.

Headshots – Professional headshots for online marketing, LinkedIn, print and social media.

Family Portraits – There is room enough for groups of six or seven people in a comfy indoor space.

Kids Portraits – One year milestone sessions, sitter and toddler sessions are planned around fun interactions.

Pet Portraits – Shane started photography working at a lion sanctuary in Africa. Shane loves dogs, cats and just about any animal.

Hyde Park Photo Studio Chicago

Hyde Park Photo Studio Chicago

Hyde Park Photo Studio Chicago

Six Reasons to Book a Hyde Park Photo Studio Session

1. Unaffected by Weather
How many times have you tried to schedule an outdoor photo session, only to have weather conditions cause rescheduling? When you book a session in the studio, all contingencies disappear, making the process much easier and less stressful. Rain, wind, gloomy skies, or glaring sun are no longer factors when working inside a beautiful, dry, temperature-controlled environment!

2. Simplified Outfit Coordination
Since temperature is not an issue, planning outfits becomes easier with studio family portraits. Everyone can wear what they are comfortable in, and we have a space available for outfit changes during the session. So mark that stressor off your list!

3. Fewer Distractions for Children
The studio provides a spacious and comfortable area for parents and children to relax, without having to chase them all over an outdoor property. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about muddy shoes or grass stains. Kids can even bring their favorite toys or stuffed animals, which can be incorporated into the shots to help them feel relaxed and at home.

4. Convenient Access
My studio is located just a few steps away from the parking spot, so with studio family portraits, you don’t have to hike or wander through a wide-open park to find the perfect background or optimal lighting conditions. The studio is located at the back of the historic KAM Israel Synagogue and there is ample free parking right at the studio door!

5. Flattering Lighting
Because the studio environment is controlled, I ensure that the lighting always looks flattering on you and your family. No more squinting, dark transition lenses, or harsh shadows. While I do my best to address these issues when shooting outdoors, they can still be difficult to overcome. However, in the studio, we have perfect lighting every time.

6. Reduced Stress for Happier Memories
When it’s time for family photos, you want your kids and family members to think happy thoughts. By eliminating stressors and creating an environment where everyone can simply sit back and enjoy the process, you’ll be setting the stage for great memories and a positive outlook next time. It’s one of the best reasons to consider studio family portraits!

Directions to the Hyde Park Photo Studio

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