Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

senior portrait photographer in Chicago

A Treasured Milestone!



Images that will capture your personality, your interests and celebrate all you have accomplished as you pass this once in a lifetime milestone.


Outdoor Locations Sessions

Studio Sessions

Combination of Both

Senior Collections


Collection One- $400

One hour session.

One or two outdoor locations or in Studio

35 edited images delivered as high resolution downloads.

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Collection Two - $600

Two hour session.

One or two outdoor locations and an in Studio Session

45 edited images delivered as high resolution downloads.

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Add a 20 x 30 Canvas Print of a photo you choose for $400

Add a 10 x 15 Photo book for $500


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Hyde Park – Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

Timeless Senior Portraits: Unveiling Your Story with Shane Lawrence Photography

Searching for a skilled Chicago senior portrait photographer who can beautifully capture your unique story? Look no further than Shane Lawrence Photography. Shane offers a seamless blend of outdoor sessions in downtown Chicago and studio sessions in the charming neighborhood of Hyde Park. Shane can turn your senior portraits into timeless works of art.

senior portrait photographer in Chicago

Downtown Chicago Outdoor Sessions: Embrace Urban Vibes

Shane brings your senior portrait experience to life against the breathtaking backdrop of downtown Chicago. These outdoor sessions offer a unique opportunity to showcase your individuality while surrounded by iconic landmarks and vibrant streets. A few favorite venues include the captivating architecture of the Magnificent Mile, the serene beauty of Millennium Park, North Avenue Beach and The Chicago River Walk. These locations become a canvas for your story, creating images that reflect your personality and passion.

Studio Sessions in Hyde Park: Timeless Elegance Unveiled

For a more intimate and classic setting, Shane Lawrence Photography offers senior Portrait studio sessions in the picturesque neighborhood of Hyde Park. This tranquil space allows you to delve deep into your true self and create portraits that capture your essence in a timeless manner. With meticulous attention to lighting, composition, and styling, each image captures the authentic you, celebrating this milestone moment in a way that will endure.


Personalized Senior Portrait Photographer in Chicago

Shane understands that every senior has a unique narrative waiting to be told. From initial consultation to the final outcome, they take the time to know you, your interests, passions, and dreams, ensuring a senior portrait experience that truly reflects who you are. They seamlessly blend their artistic vision with your personality, resulting in portraits that speak volumes and evoke cherished memories for years to come.


Expertise Meets Creativity: Premier Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

Shane’s expertise and creativity shine through each photograph he captures. With over two decades of experience,  he has an innate understanding of lighting, composition, and posing techniques, creating images that are both technically flawless and emotionally resonant. His mastery of the craft ensures that your senior portraits will be nothing short of exceptional, reflecting your unique style and personality. Don’t hire a boring Chicago senior portrait photographer!


senior portrait photographer in Chicago

Senior year is a time of profound growth and celebration, deserving of portraits that beautifully encapsulate your journey. With Shane Lawrence Photography, you can trust in an impeccable blend of outdoor sessions in downtown Chicago and studio sessions in Hyde Park, resulting in timeless, artful representations of your unique story. Don’t miss the chance to collaborate with Chicago’s premier senior portrait photographer and immortalize this momentous chapter of your life. Contact Shane Lawrence Photography today and let your story unfold through artfully crafted senior portraits.

If you want a really awesome idea, ask about a Chicago River Walk and studio mix senior portrait session in Chicago!

I would love to be your Chicago senior portrait photographer!


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