Chicago Pet Photographer

Chicago Pet PhotographerIf you are searching for a Chicago Pet Photographer, you are in the right place!

As a life long animal lover I’m as invested in pets as much as you.

I believe it is incredibly unfair that our pets have such short lives in comparison to humans!

It is disheartening that the time we spend with our pets is often much less than we desire.

However, there is a silver lining in all of this. Our pets live a lifetime filled with loyal and joyful moments.

I cannot fathom returning home without being greeted by our fluffy Fiona, eagerly racing to the door to show her excitement and happiness that we are home.

If you are searching for a wonderful way to capture the growth and memories of your pet, nothing surpasses a series of photo sessions throughout their journey.

Pet Photography Package Price

Whether conducted in the studio, outdoors or a blend of the two, sessions are priced at $300 and typically last around an hour (though this is greatly dependent on your pet).

I aim to provide approximately 20 edited photos in high resolution as digital downloads and also offer a wide selection of wall art that can be viewed at the studio.

Edited images will be ready within a few days after your session.


Hyde Park Chicago Pet PhotographerHyde Park Chicago Pet Photographer

Chicago Pet Photographer

Chicago Pet Photographer

Chicago Pet PhotographerChicago Pet PhotographerChicago Pet Photographer

An experienced Chicago Pet photographer

I have over two decades of experience capturing images of a wide range of animals.

Some individuals may be concerned that their dogs may be quite energetic.

No worries!

I started my photography career by working with lions in Southern Africa at a lion conservation organization.

My studio in Hyde Park provides an excellent space for indoor portrait sessions.

Additionally, outdoor sessions are a fantastic choice at a preferred park.

These outdoor sessions are particularly great for active dogs. While you engage in play and interact with your dog, I will step back and utilize a longer lens to capture those special moments, expressions, and cuddles as they retrieve a ball, stick, or frisbee.

Chicago Pet Photographer


Six Reasons To Hire Me As Your Chicago Pet Photographer

Booking a professional pet photoshoot ensures that you will have beautiful, high-quality photographs of your pet that will last a lifetime. Additionally, it provides a fun and memorable experience for both you and your pet.

1. Photography is a skill: One of the main reasons to book a professional pet photographer is to achieve results that you cannot achieve on your own. Photography takes years to master and requires a significant investment in equipment. I am dedicated to delivering only high-quality images to my customers, and I have acquired years of experience, education, expertise, and equipment to ensure that I can provide that. The process does not end once the photo is taken – each image is meticulously edited to perfection. This includes removing sleep from eyes, loose hairs, people/hands, and enhancing fur and details to showcase your pet in all their glory.

2. It’s also about you: Another advantage of booking a pet photoshoot is that you can be in the photos too! We all have phones with pretty decent cameras built in these days. But how often can we capture photos on our phones with both our pet and ourselves. From studio sitting sessions, to cuddles and face licks and running in a park playing fetch. I’m all about those candid moments you just cannot capture with a phone in your hand. Whether you want your photographs to complement your home decor, feature your favorite color, or include your pet’s favorite toy, I will work with you to create something that you will love. If you have specific ideas or props in mind, I am always happy to discuss how we can incorporate them into your photoshoot.

3. It’s more than just a photo: In a digital age, I believe it is crucial to print our images. Seeing your beautiful pet in print or as a stunning piece of wall art brings a whole new level of excitement! I want my clients to derive enjoyment from their photos every day, whether through a large piece of wall art or a beautiful keepsake album on your coffee table. A large canvas print is an incredible way to remember a pet long after their playful days are done.

4. You’re creating special memories: There are many special moments and milestones throughout our pets’ lives that we like to remember. We all love looking back at puppy photos and reminiscing about how small and adorable they were! They grow up so quickly, so booking a photoshoot in the first few months of your puppy’s life ensures that you will always have beautiful, detailed photographs to cherish. Unfortunately, there may be times when we realize that we don’t have enough good photos to remember our pets by, especially as they grow older or approach the end of their lives. Capturing beautiful photos before it’s too late can be invaluable and create everlasting memories. If you’re concerned about time constraints, please get in touch as soon as possible, and I will do my best to accommodate you.

5. It’s fun! Many pet owners worry that a photoshoot will be a stressful experience, and that their dog is not well-trained enough to achieve good photos. The truth is, your dog does not need to be well-trained at all to achieve amazing photos! I have plenty of tips (and treats!) up my sleeve to ensure that we capture plenty of photos for you to choose from. Your dog’s happiness is my main priority, so my photoshoots are relaxed and enjoyable. If your dog is a little shy or nervous, we might spend some time playing with a ball before even taking a photo to ensure that your pet is in a happy and relaxed state of mind. I have lots of patience and take as long as needed for your dog to feel comfortable.

6. I’m a local Chicago Pet Photographer: I live in Hyde Park on UOC campus and I have a studio space close to campus too. So I am happy to come to a local Chicago park, your home, or have you in the studio without you worrying about a long drive with your dog in the car.

Get in touch on my Contact Page to schedule a session.

I would love to be your Chicago Pet Photographer and meet your furry and fluffy family!



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