Kids Photography


Capture those squishy smiles!


Shane has specialized in busy little ones for several years.

His work is on the walls and websites of children's museums and schools all over the chicago area.


Studio and Outdoor Portraits


Active Play- Candid Portraits

Milestones and Cake Smashes

The sessions


Portrait Session - $300

30 minute portrait session.

The session includes about 35 edited high resolution images as downloads.

Studio or outdoor sessions.


Kids at Play Session - $300

30 minute candid portrait session.

Great for kids who just will not sit still.

Session at a park, playground, beach, back yard, muddy puddles etc.

It’s perfect for kids 18 months to 5 years old.


The session includes about 35 edited high resolution images as downloads.


One Year Cake Smash - $300

One hour portrait session.

A fun session at a local park in studio or your home.

The session starts with some posed photos and can include parents.


The session ends with a cake you bring along.

(Potential food allergies prevent me from bringing cakes).

Some kids tear into the cake and some just sit and gingerly look at it.

Either way there are epic photos.


The session includes about 45 edited high resolution images as downloads.


Hyde Park Kids Photographer

Chicago Kids Photographer

Chicago Kids PhotographerChicago Kids Photographer

Capturing Childhood Magic

With a camera in hand and a keen eye for the spontaneous, Shane has become a go-to Chicago Kids photographer.

Shane is known for his remarkable skill in photographing kids at play and creating vibrant studio portraits that seem to tell a story all their own.

He is adept at capturing those fleeting moments of innocence, adventure, and the sheer wonder that children exhibit in their everyday explorations.

The true testament to Shane’s expertise is the ease with which he interacts with children, creating a comfortable atmosphere where they can be themselves. Shane’s photos are filled with life and authenticity.

Playtime Through the Lens

The magic of childhood is never more present than when children are at play. Shane has developed a spectacular portfolio of children engaged in play, both candid and structured. His work at some of Chicago’s Children’s Museums showcases his ability to blend into the background and capture the joy of discovery and learning that these institutions nurture.

His images reflect the dynamism of kids as they interact with exhibits, completely unaware of the camera, giving families and the museums themselves timeless snapshots of their vibrant patrons. These photographs not only represent cherished memories but also serve as a valuable asset for the museums’ promotional materials, exhibiting the lively and educational atmosphere they foster.

For active kids, playground sessions are an essential option to capture candid fun moments.

The Studio Experience

Shane’s studio sessions are magical. With a treasure trove of props and backdrops, children are invited into a world of fantasy and fun. His Hyde Park studio is a canvas where Shane works with children, giving them room to express their personalities while guiding the shoot towards creating breathtaking images. Every studio session is adapted to the individuality of each child, resulting in portraits that are both artistic and deeply personal. The combination of Shane’s technical expertise and his patient, encouraging approach results in portraits that parents treasure for a lifetime.

Collaboration with Schools

Shane’s commitment to capturing the spirit of childhood extends into educational environments where he has collaborated with various Chicago schools. His photographs tell the story of the schools’ cultures and values, shedding light on day-to-day classroom interactions, special events, and the individual journeys of students. His work provides schools with invaluable visuals for yearbooks, promotions, and keepsakes for families and faculty alike.

School administrators and parent committees highly recommend Shane Lawrence for his professionalism, his ability to work effectively and flexibly within the school environment, and, most importantly, for the beautiful moments he captures of the students.

The Perfect Choice

For family portraits, school collaborations, or documentation of museum experiences, Shane Lawrence is the photographer you can trust to capture the moments you’ll want to remember forever.


To learn more about Shane Lawrence Photography and to book your session, ensure you visit Shane’s portfolio to experience firsthand the magic he captures through the lens. Your journey with him will be one filled with laughter, authenticity, and images that encapsulate the ephemeral beauty of childhood.

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