Why Book Me To Photograph Your Wedding?

There are several wonderful wedding photographers in the Chicago and North west Indiana regions.
I am actually friends with a fair number of them.
So what sets me apart from them?
This is not a brag session, just some relevant thoughts to ponder.

Experience – I photographed my first wedding in 2000. Since then I have photographed and filmed over 1000 weddings in several states and a few countries. I have worked for large wedding studios, magazines, wildlife safari companies in Africa, newspapers in Chicago, sports publications Childrens Museums and more. All this experience comes to every wedding I photograph. Personal Service – Clients meet with me, get my cell number and I make myself available for advice on timelines, logistics and so much more.


Adaptability – I have shot weddings in rain, near hurricane winds and managed formals in ten minutes in snow after the Limo got lost. Family brawls, a stabbing, ambulances, and a best man arrested mid wedding. I have stories haha. I don’t stress, I adapt and I stay calm.


Quality – I’m not egotistical enough to claim to be the best of the best, but I am confident enough to say I am good at what I do and produce work comparable to many photographers charging way more than I do.


People Person – I love people. I really do, all shapes, sizes, colors and faiths or lack of faith.


Passion – I love what I do. I look forward to my next wedding as soon as I finish the last one. Photography was a hobby for years before it became a job and I still love it. In fact it’s still a hobby and I photograph as much wildlife as I can in my spare time.


Professional – I’m not a weekend warrior! This is all I do. 90% of photographers shooting weddings have a week day job. THis is and has been my full time job for years. I take what I do very seriously. Despite being laid back in personality. I over prepare and over plan. Every camera I use has two memory cards, I carry extra backup equipment. photos are loaded onto two drives as soon as I get home to the studio. I have had a camera die at a wedding and it was no big deal as I had two more. I can share horror stories of “pros” with one camera and no back up gear. I have a network of second photographers I use and a close group of fellow photographers who cover each other in emergencies. I am yet to miss a wedding. During Covid season covered a few weddings after the shutdown for fellow photographers in my inner circle who fell ill.


Blended Photography style – Candid – Traditional – Detailed – My style has developed into a mostly unobtrusive journalistic style, blended with natural and classic poses for formals. I also have an eye open for little details all day.


Awards and Reviews – I won the Couples choice award ten years in a row. Those were based on reviews by clients and placed me in the top 5% of Chicago wedding photographers in the Wedding Wire and Knot network of several hundred local photographers. Read real reviews here.


Always Growing – I do not believe I will ever stop learning , growing and pushing to be better. I strive to stay current with styles and techniques. I carry the latest equipment that affords me all the creative advantages they bring.


Wedding - Portrait - Event Photographer