Many people often question why they should choose me as their wedding photographer over others. The simple answer is that experience in wedding photography matters.

There are a few aspects that set me apart. While I’m not claiming to be flawless, one thing I can confidently say is that I have extensive experience handling pressure. Over the years, I have photographed numerous weddings and encountered various challenges. One particular wedding in 2017 perfectly exemplifies this. It was a cold and windy winter day, and we were running out of daylight when the limo bus driver got lost just before the formal photos, which threatened to ruin our schedule.

When the limo bus finally arrived at the venue, we were left with a mere 12 minutes to complete the photo session. In the past, as a less experienced wedding photographer, I would have panicked. However, I adapted to the situation. While waiting for the arrival of the bus, I prepared myself at the park and scouted the area. As soon as the bus arrived, I was ready. I entered the bus and politely apologized for the time constraint. I informed the bridal party that we had 12 minutes and that I would be taking fast-paced photos in one location with different poses. However, first, I focused on capturing shots of the couple while the bridal party disembarked from the bus.

I quickly took the bride and groom to take a few essential shots, followed by hurried group photos. I managed to reserve a few minutes to capture more shots of the couple while the bridal party gathered back on the bus.

In those 12 minutes, I managed to capture around 200 photos, with a few turning out exceptionally well. Normally, I prefer to stay out of the way and capture candid moments. However, in that particular scenario, it was necessary to take charge. The key was to maintain energy, avoid stressing, and ensure a fun atmosphere. One of my clients summed it up better than I could with this post:

“After finally sitting down to go through all our wedding photos, I absolutely fell in LOVE with how they all turned out!!! Can I just say that Shane Cleminson is a rock star?!

Honestly, right after Kev and I exchanged vows, we hopped onto a party bus with our bridal party to go to the park for pictures. However, we had a very limited time frame before the sunset, and our bus driver managed to get lost! Every bride’s worst nightmare, right?!

By the time we arrived, our one-hour photo shoot turned into a ‘Hey, we only have 12 minutes until the sun sets, let’s do this’ kind of photo shoot!!!

Let me tell you, in those 12 minutes, Shane captured not only numerous stunning shots of Kev and me but also amazing shots of the bridal party.

He truly captured all the LOVE, my friends, and even had time to spare!!! I’ll post the rest later, but if you’re in need of a photographer, he’s your guy!! Thank you again, Shane, for perfectly capturing our special day!! You’re amazing!”

Thank you, Nicole, for your kind words. Here are a few of my favorite formal shots.

Wedding Photography Experience CountsWedding Photography Experience CountsWedding Photography Experience CountsWedding Photography Experience CountsWedding Photography Experience Counts

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