Lacuna Events Wedding Pilsen Chicago

Welcome to an incredible Lacuna Events wedding Pilsen Chicago.

This was one of the most fun weddings I have ever photographed.

Erin and Paul reached out to me and really liked my candid style. They knew I cover weddings with a mix of candid and traditional styles, but they asked me to really focus on the more candid photos. I was more than happy to adapt and just let everyone relax and have fun.

We started at a local hotel where the bride and her bridesmaids had a blast getting ready.

St Michels Catholic Church in Chicago was our next stop for a ceremony, complete with a bagpiper. He was a sign of things to come later when a whole band of bagpipers would show up at Lacuna Artist Lofts. St Michaels is an incredible old building with so much history.

After the ceremony we took a detour to the Kenzie river bridge and were on our way to a park as planned. Just as we were going over an awesome bridge, Erin asked if we could stop there rather for some extra photos. I was just sitting on the limo bus thinking about asking her to stop haha. It was so worth the quick change of plans.

After some photos downtown Chicago we arrived at Lacuna Artist lofts

What an eclectic venue! It is a mix of so  many old and modern art traditions and cultures. It used to be a huge Spaghetti factory and now it is a maze of artist spaces and a hub of creative genius. The reception hall with old brick and wood everywhere is just perfect for weddings. The best thing about this venue though, has to be the view of Chicago. The roof top area has an incredible bar area that is so bright and fun. Along with the bar is an impressive view of the city. Guests spent hours taking selfies and the weather was so kind to us.

Lacuna Events Wedding Pilsen Chicago

Lacuna Events Wedding Pilsen Chicago

The reception was as spontaneous as the whole day. It is the first time I have seen a bride play bagpipes! The Shannon Rovers arrived and it was incredible standing in the midst of all the bagpipes and culture.

Well I have said enough. I will let the photos tell the story of the rest of this Lacuna Events Wedding Pilsen Chicago.

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